By Rodger Jacobs

July 13, 2004

Just as God has ordained that the Cubs will never win the World Series, so the dark forces have begun the massive mobilization to ensure that the Bush and Cheney ticket will come out on top in the November elections.

They are going to win and we are going to lose. Again.

The cocky, dictator-toppling President of the United States and his acid-tongued, swaggering war-profiteering pirate of a cohort are already laying the cornerstone to memorialize their second term.

First they picked up cement down in Florida from GW's brother Jeb. What they wanted to do, see, was purge that state's roster of registered voters of all convicted felons. Problem is, as revealed this weekend, most of the 47, 763 names on the potential purge list were white and black.

What, no Hispanic felons in Florida? Well, yes, indeed. There are 61 of them among the 47, 763. But Hispanics, particularly Cubans, heavily vote Republican so ... oops.

Caught with their grubby mitts in the cookie jar Florida election officials vowed to just scrap the disputed list for the time being. The Bushies have other tricks up their sleeves, anyway. Don't you worry your little head one bit.

The July 19 issue of NEWSWEEK reports that American counter-terrorism officials, aided and abetted by the Justice Department's Office of Legal Counsel, are "reviewing a proposal that could allow for the postponement of the November presidential election in the event" of a terror attack on the level that Tom Ridge warned us about last week.

Now I know you're saying "We hear these warnings all the time." We do. Every holiday, every major sporting event, every point scored by the Kerry-Edwards ticket unleashes yet another terror warning on the domestic front.

So you're cynical, right? Most Americans are. But guess what? That's what they want from you in this rather brilliant piece of PsyOps theater. They want you to be as hard-bitten and cynical as the oil that runs through Dick Cheney's veins so that when the inevitable "next 9/11" occurs we will be so collectively shocked that we'll all sit back and agree that "some changes have to happen" in the west to keep this from happening again.

And the first change might be the postponement of the election they have already begun to look for.

Or will it be?

They have other contingency plans, you know. This is an overworked, devious machine.

Let's say that next week or next month or sometime in the near future when Bush's poll numbers are high there's a nasty bit of terrorist activity somewhere in the U.S. and a lot of citizens are involuntarily released from the bonds of Bush/Cheney tyranny for eternity.

Here's the twist: they will not postpone elections. They will allow the electoral process to proceed and Kerry/Edwards will win in an echo of the way March's Madrid elections were influenced by the terrorist bombings there.

The White House lawyers will cry foul and run to the Supreme Court, asserting that had not the terrorist attack occurred Bush and Cheney would have handily won re-election.

"Why, just look at the President's favorable rating before the attack," legal counsel will whine. "The people voted emotionally, not logically or intellectually."

Yep. They have it wrapped up in every direction. Just like those rigged elections over in Iraq that kept Saddam Hussein in power for so many decades.

Scary, isn't it?

Even scarier: Envision a future when your grown children will be dancing in the streets, celebrating to beat the drum as statues of George W. Bush are being torn down all across the nation. I wonder if our liberation will come from within or outside our borders?

2004, Rodger Jacobs
All Rights Reserved

Rodger Jacobs is an award-winning journalist, screenwriter, and documentary producer. He lives in Los Angeles and concurs with Jack Kerouac's summation that L.A. is "the loneliest and most brutal of American cities."
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