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April 16-30, 2004

April 30, 2004

Britain Probes Alleged Prison Abuse Case in Iraq

British investigate 10 claims of abuse of prisoners in Iraq

War turns Fallujah into a ghost city

Eyewitness: On the ground in Falluja

AP Toll Says 1,361 Iraqis Killed in April

Macedonia admits immigrants died in fake terror battle
probably didn't seem so 'fake' to the immigrants... nor much of a 'battle'

3,500 from SA working in Iraq

Senators seek investigation into private security firms in Iraq

Iraqi general greeted with joy as US marines pull out of Iraqi city (Fallujah)

DEA Agent Shoots Self During Gun Safety Class

April 29, 2004

Saving Ali
"Where US snipers fire at ambulances"

Photos of Iraqi prisoner abuse

Bremer Warned of Terrorism Threat 6 Months Before 9/11

(UK) ID-dodgers face £2500 fines under plans to enforce cards

Damascus Terrorists 'Too Reckless' to Be Al-Qaida

Conflicting reports about Fallujah accord

U.S. Troops Pull Back, Bomb Falluja on Bloody Day

U.S. Warplanes Hit Falluja After Pullback Deal

Abuse Of Iraqi POWs By GIs Probed

Photos show jail abuse by US troops under threat of subpoena- logs, forum member information

April 28, 2004

U.S. Says Has Rushed Tanks to Iraq to Crush Rebels
Stay Tuned- Winning Hearts and Minds at 8 am
...guess this is why they wanted their howitzers back.

Army Finds Troop Supply 'Getting Thin'

AK-47s Headed to U.S. Had Legal Permits
"the weapons seized in Italy were being shipped to a Century International Arms Inc. facility in Georgia, Vt."

ACLU challenges FBI use of secret letters to obtain Internet provider records

Falluja Homes Wrecked in U.S. Assault

U.S. Forces Renew Strikes in Falluja

Flying Saucer Fever Grips Iran, Theories Abound

Bush Pushes For Computerized Health Records

Violent Anti-War Art Brings Secret Service Visit
Another Candidate for the Academy of Beautiful Minds

U.S. Airlines Balk at Paying More for Security

Activists Urge Congress to Add E-Vote Printers

Supreme Court Strikes Down Local Diesel Vehicle Ban
"if states or political subdivisions are permitted to enact rules like those limiting purchase of vehicles, it could 'undo Congress's carefully calibrated regulatory scheme.'"
So that's what they're calling it...!

Wine, Cigars, Deer Head -- Charge It to Uncle Sam

April 27, 2004

US Sharpens Criticism of al-Jazeera TV Network
"Secretary of State Colin Powell took up the issue Tuesday with Qatar's foreign minister"

U.S. Marines targeting enemies with snipers

Fighting between Marines, insurgents convulses Fallujah

Peru mayor killed by angry mob

Explosions, Gunfire Shake Syrian Capital

Syrian Security Units Clash with "Foreign Special Forces"

U.S. Aircraft Hammer Fallujah After Dark

U.S. Forces Blast Falluja Targets After Deadline

Dozens die as US planes strafe Najaf

US Army has turned liberation into occupation, ally complains

Iraqis demand full sovereignty
"Members of Iraq's interim Governing Council have called for 'nothing less than full sovereignty' after the planned transfer of power on 30 June"

Afghanistan: UN suspends operations in Kandahar region following bomb blast

Bush administration bids to silence intelligence failure witness

April 26, 2004

Ambassadors' letter to Blair
"Here is the letter sent by more than 50 former British ambassadors to Tony Blair"

Blair to defend Iraq policy

OPEC May Boost Target Price by 30%, Purnomo Says
"because the biggest energy-consuming countries can afford higher prices"

Then and Now in Iraq- 1979 to 4/16/04

U.S. troops will likely move into parts of Najaf soon, general says

Inside Falluja, a Ceasefire in Name Only

U.S. Threatens Falluja, Najaf After New Battles

Falluja battle sours deal

Baghdad blast kills troops during search

Iraq Pipeline Watch: Attacks on Iraqi pipelines, oil installations, and oil personnel

Diplomats blast Blair for "U.S." foreign policy

NATO Sees No Iraq Role Unless Many Conditions Met

Secret Service Investigates Teen's Art Project Depicting Bush As Devil

Scientists say giant meteorite struck Wisc. millions of years ago

EU Paves Way to End Five-Year Ban on New GM Foods

Louvre Officials Worried About Damage to Mona Lisa

April 25, 2004

"The patrols begin tomorrow, and Fallujah officials will announce that anyone with a weapon will be considered hostile, the military said."

Cease-fire extended in Fallujah

Iraq Resumes Crude Exports From Basrah Oil Terminal After Bomb

Googie Treasure to be Demolished
"One of the last remaining examples of Googie architecture in Long Beach, Calif., will be demolished to make room for condominiums"

U.S. Says Iraqi City of Najaf 'Potentially Explosive'

Suicide bomber boats explode in attack on Basra oil terminal

Civilians die in gunfights on (Syrian) border

Tribesmen hand over heavy weapons to Pakistani authorities
"The weapons included a number of rockets having the capacity of carrying nuclear war-head"

Israel has infiltrated Hamas leadership

U.N. envoy connects dots between Iraq, Israel

A Controversial Choice for the Position of Archivist of the United States
"Part of the Bush Administration's Secrecy Strategy?"

Swarovski Shakes Up Chandeliers with Text Messages

April 24, 2004

Experts warn against assault on insurgents

Dozens killed in Iraq-wide unrest

"A horrible disaster." Report from Fallujah:

Gunmen break arms of Palestinian photojournalist

G7 Seeks to Guard Best Global Prospects in Years
"Commissars and pin-stripe bosses roll the dice.
Any way they fall, guess who gets to pay the price..."
Throwing Stones by John Perry Barlow

Sunday Herald 'Sanitizes' Fallujah Report

US admits it will still control Iraq after transfer

Fallujah Residents Report U.S. Forces Engaged in Collective Punishment

Many to be excluded from governing Iraq

More Than 40 People Killed in Bloody Day for Iraq

Brahimi's Israel comments draw Annan, Israeli ire

Georgia President Warns Will Use Force for Unity

Diebold May Face Criminal Charges

Computer reliability is thorn in side of e-voting backers

Feds refuse to release Medicare data

Democrats Seek Probe of Army Chaplain's Treatment

Arrests nearly double on state's busy border (Arizona)

April 23, 2004

Former generals of Saddams regime reinstated to new US-trained army

Sunni leader warns of nationwide uprising if Fallujah is hit

Civilians Dig for Bodies as Falluja Truce Holds

FBI wants to watch you type

April 22, 2004

House OKs Speedy Elections if Attacked
Well, that's a relief...

Basra arrest bolsters revenge theory
"Evidence suggests homegrown terrorists - not al-Qaida - carried out bombings in response to attack on Falluja"

Bush Hails His Environmental Record on Earth Day

Marines poised for Fallujah offensive

U.S. to Reinstate Some Baathists in Iraq
Translation: since the new Iraqi army and police recruits show reluctance to fire on their own people- let's bring in some folks who aren't so encumbered by the nuances of "peacekeeping"

US destroying Falluja homes

The Condensed Bob Woodward
"Slate reads 'Plan of Attack' so you don't have to"

Activists Say Israel Held Boy, 13, as Human Shield

Diebold apologizes for failure
Voting machines in California

April 21, 2004

Bush Says World Owes Israel's Sharon a 'Thank You'

Saudi bomb: a shift in Al Qaeda tactics

Dominican Republic Pulls Iraq Troops

With rebels ruling Iraq roads, U.S. forces feeling pinched

U.S. Troops, Iraq Rebels Clash in Falluja

Journalism professor exposes war media

Records contradict USDA's mad cow decision

April 20, 2004

Haitian Ex-Rebels Challenge U.S. on Reviving Army

U.S. pulls troops back from brink in Najaf

Internet Technology Vulnerable to Hackers

Bush plans world recruitment drive to arm for peace

Bush: Patriot Act defends liberty

Senator says US may need compulsory service to boost Iraq force

Fables of the Reconstruction
"Coalition memo reveals that even true believers see the seeds of civil war in the occupation of Iraq"

Nader wants rapid pullout from Iraq

US marines start to ration food in troubled Al-Anbar province

Parts Of Iraqi Nuclear Reactor ‘Resettled’: Sources

Israel Bars Vanunu from Leaving for a Year Once Free

Italy Seizes 8,000 Kalashnikovs Headed to U.S.

Passengers warned of six-hour check-ins

Ex-Air Force, Boeing Aide Pleads Guilty

Aborigines Put Black Curse on Prime Minister

Jailed (Arizona) rancher won't budge over grazing

92-year-old woman strip-searched at airport

Survey unveils what happens in bedrooms around world

April 19, 2004

OPEC Moves Against Rising Oil Prices

Honduras to Pull Its Troops Out of Iraq

Albania vows to send more to Iraq

Cracks appear in Bush circle

Brazil Police Recover 26 Bodies in Amazon Killings
From the Black Hills to Brasilia- the Legacy of Cortez

Mercenaries Second Largest Force In Iraq: Report

NZ charges Israeli spy suspects

Shell Report Exposes Lies; CFO Sacked

April 18, 2004

Spanish troops to withdraw from Iraq

Bush's Hope of Finding Weapons in Iraq Is Futile, Kay, Blix Say

60 Minutes- Woodward Shares War Secrets

Woodward: Cheney connects Hussein to al-Qaida

April 17, 2004

Iraq: US toll continues to rise

Analysis: The road map to chaos

'Getting aid past US snipers is impossible'

Israel Kills Top Hamas Leader in Missile Strike

U.S. Forces Detain Iraqi Brigade Over Fallujah Defiance

Firing Up New Weapon in Fallouja: The Bulldozer

Liberation Eludes Afghan Women

Proposed surveillance system runs automated background checks as vehicles enter town

April 16, 2004

Troops Blast Music in Siege of Fallujah

U.S. Forces Kill 15 In Fresh Fallujah ‘Massacre’

Israel bans Palestinians aged over 35 from leaving Gaza

Backroom bureaucrat played key role in US deal with Israel

US agents grill Cape radio man

U.S. Reporters Unable to Probe Killings in Fallujah

Clashes Near Holy Iraq City, Rebel Cleric Defiant

Warnings ignored, says retired Marine

Utah witnesses blister Patriot Act

Pizza delivery lists may help track scofflaws




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