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May 1-15, 2004

May 15, 2004

Argylls fight hand to hand in Iraq
"Scottish troops fixed bayonets and fought hand to hand with a Shi'ite militia in southern Iraq in one of their fiercest clashes since the war was declared more than a year ago"
Mountain Men by Ian Anderson

Army might be calling back recently demobilized GIs

Israeli army to demolish Gaza homes

Ashcroft Fishes Out 1872 Law in a Bid to Scuttle Protester Rights
Sailor-mongering act rises from history as the feds try to cripple Greenpeace

THE GRAY ZONE- How a secret Pentagon program came to Abu Ghraib
More about the fine folks who brought you the Iraqi prison photos- the majority of which can't be seen because of "national security"...

U.S. Forces Renew Holy City Battles in Iraq

Israel Hits Fatah, Hamas Offices in Gaza -Witnesses


Newspapers "hoaxed" by 45-minute claim
(satire... you decide?!)

Man fights citation for carrying anti-Bush sign

Catch strip-search pervert, worry over giving credit later
Thundering Stupidity in the Realm of Sheriff Arpaio

May 14, 2004

Sistani Aide Asks U.S. Forces, Militia to Quit Najaf

U.S. Tanks Thrust Into Cemetery in Iraq Holy City

UN tussle looms over command of forces

Western Allies Press U.S. to Give Iraqis Real Power

US Pushes World Court Immunity Amid Iraq Scandal

Bush Supporters Are Split on How to Pursue Iraq Plan

Russia to Complete Iran Reactor Despite Snags

Israel Fails in Apparent Bid to Kill Jihad Chief

Powell to Face Fierce Arab Criticism on Trip

Palestinians claim victory after Gaza gun battles leave 38 dead

Christians Leave Nigerian City as Riot Rages

Ashcroft announces national law enforcement intelligence-sharing plan

May 13, 2004

US Tanks Battle Najaf Guerrillas in Vast Cemetery

U.S. soldiers battle al-Sadr supporters in holy city of Karbala

More Fighting in Iraqi Holy City of Kerbala

Bush Signs Order Giving State Lead Role in Iraq

Berg's encounter with 'terrorist' revealed

"In what one Justice official described as a "coincidental" link..."

1,800 new pictures add to US disgust

Lawyers Blocking Release of More Abuse Photos - Rumsfeld

U.S. Abuse of Afghan Prisoners Systemic - Rights Group

World Bank Corruption May Exceed $100 Billion

Gaza Neighborhood Scene of Destruction After Siege

Israeli Moving Van Mystery Deepens
"'Mover' is son of top Likud Official"

Presidential push fails to quell GOP fear of Patriot Act

New Pentagon report critical of tanker plan
"There is no compelling reason for the Air Force to immediately acquire 100 refueling tankers from the Boeing Co., a new Defense Department report concludes"

U.S. Missile Shield Won't Work: Scientist Group

May 12, 2004

U.S. soldiers battle al-Sadr supporters
"Heavy fighting in holy city Karbala Explosions heard in Najaf"

Israel Kills 7 in Gaza Strike After Deadly Ambushes

Toll rises in Gaza rampage

Venezuela Asks U.S. Military to Leave Base Offices

Miami, Colombia Behind Paramilitary Invasion-Chavez (Venezuela)

Accused U.S. Guantanamo Spy Airman Freed from Jail

Missouri Legislature to Restore Veracity of Elections With Hand Count
"Missouri could be the first state to introduce legislation that would require hand-counted paper ballots and the banning of all voting machines"

Report: General Says Overruled on Iraq Prison
"The U.S. general who was in charge of Iraqi prisons last year when detainees were abused at Abu Ghraib said she resisted handing control of the facility to military intelligence but was overruled by superiors"

Militants Kill Israeli Troops in Second Gaza Ambush

Senate approves flag-burning bill; battle still looms (Arizona)

Rancher fighting feds relents (Arizona)
"The 70-year-old claims that the government is not entitled to own property and that freedom hinges on a man's right to own the land he works"

Mexico Air Force Video Creates UFO Stir

May 11, 2004


U.S. Troops Battle Cleric's Militia in Iraqi Holy City

U.S.-run supply convoy attacked on road to Jordan, some personnel unaccounted for

U.S. attacks militia in mosque (Karbala)

Bush Imposes Export Ban Against Syria

Iran sternly warns Israel against attacking its nuclear sites

Blood will flow after Chechen blast: Putin
"Sunday's assassination would not stop Chechnya 'returning to normal'"

Former FBI Translator Sibel Edmonds Calls Current 9/11 Investigation Inadequate
"You get to a point where it gets very complex, where you have money laundering activities, drug related activities, and terrorist support activities converging at certain points and becoming one. In certain points - and they [the intelligence community] are separating those portions from just the terrorist activities. And, as I said, they are citing "foreign relations" which is not the case, because we are not talking about only governmental levels. And I keep underlining semi-legit organizations and following the money. When you do that the picture gets grim. It gets really ugly."

Monsanto won't market gene-altered wheat plant

May 10, 2004

Angry Fallujans Prepared to Resist Renewed U.S. Patrols

Iraq Cleric to Widen War After U.S. Bombs Baghdad HQ

Red Cross Report Describes Abuse in Iraq

PM 'didn't see abuse report' (UK)

Bush's Backing of Rumsfeld Shocks and Angers Arabs

First 10 days of month sees homes of 1,100 Palestinians in Gaza destroyed- UN agency

Sources: Bush to Impose Sanctions on Syria This Week

Federal Suit Charges U.S. Marshals With Violating Gannett, AP Reporters' Rights in Scalia Case

May 9, 2004

Severe violence in Iraq ahead of handover

U.S. Tanks Push Into Iraqi Stronghold

Shiite Cleric's Militia Seizes Control of Baghdad Slum

Iraqis who fought GIs now patrol Fallujah

Attack disrupts Iraq oil exports
"the attack affected flows to the al-Basra terminal"

War tab swamps Bush’s estimate
"Spending projection: $150 billion by 2005"

Bush's New, New Lie

U.S. expanding base in Uzbekistan

Two Foreigners Stoned to Death in Afghanistan

Bomb Kills Putin's Top Man in Rebel Chechnya

Oral sex lessons to cut rates of teenage pregnancy (UK)
Should THIS be the business of the state...?

May 8, 2004

Shi'ite Fighters Take on British Troops in Basra

US military confirms existence of horrific pictures and video

Disaster for Blair as Iraq torture claims widen
"The British government was warned by Red Cross officials in February that coalition troops were abusing and even killing Iraqi captives"

US Army Was Silent On Iraq Prison Abuse Charges 6 Mo Ago

Bush Says Palestinian State by 2005 Not 'Realistic'

Report: Spanish police question fingerprints

Biometric ID card bill on its way 'in a month' (UK)

Vegas has new crime element: Israeli mob

Expanded anti-terrorism laws a must, officials stress

FBI investigates underground tunnel requests

May 7, 2004

Sadr Militiamen Take to Streets in Basra

Fighting flares as forces round on rebel cleric

Black Watch on standby for Iraq return as crisis deepens (UK)
"Black Watch may return to Iraq to run a multi national division in Najaf"

Iraq war places larger burden on N.J. Guard
"A Pentagon decision to maintain troop numbers in Iraq will mean two-thirds of New Jersey's reservists are placed on active duty"

Dismay and surprise that US army outsources interrogation
"CACI International, a rising star in the defence contracting business, boasts about its proficiency in information technology, knowledge management and other New Economy-sounding specialties. Nowhere in its promotional materials, however, does the Virginia-based company mention its prisoner interrogation services."

General Told MPs to "soften up" Prisoners

Israelis Exchange Border Fire with Hezbollah

Rape Rooms: A Chronology
"What Bush said as the Iraq prison scandal unfolded"
talking points gone amok...

Poor Judgment Cited in Destruction of 9/11 FAA Tape

May 6, 2004

U.S. Must Leave Falluja, Iraq General Says
"The Iraqi former general entrusted with pacifying volatile Falluja said on Thursday U.S. Marines must withdraw quickly from around the troubled town and go home so stability can be restored."

U.S. tightens grip on Najaf

Soldiers Back in U.S. Tell of More Iraqi Abuses

British Troops Face New Iraq Prisoner Abuse Claims

Pentagon Memo Warned on Army Contractors

Bush may seek more than $50 billion for Iraq, Afghanistan for next year

Georgia Leader Takes Control of Rebel Region

Hizbollah, Israelis Exchange Fire in Border Area

Passport fraud accused back in court, but details suppressed (New Zealand)

American Reported Linked to Madrid Bombing

F.A.A. Official Scrapped Tape of 9/11 Controllers' Statements

Study finds oceans of old plastic

Jail for man who left bag in airport

May 3, 2004

Civilian Interrogators for Hire
"Technology that Supports America's Future"

CACI States Position About Reported Allegations Concerning Employees in Iraq

U.S. in Falluja Turns to Officer Who Defied Saddam

Registering women for draft is posed
"Selective Service also floats idea of a huge special-skills database"
and a raise in the maximum age to 34

U.S. proposes drafting women
"Plan would require updates by young people with critical skills"

U.S. eyes proposal to draft women

Letter to President Bush from Former U.S. Diplomats

Editor-in-chief of U.S.-funded Iraqi newspaper quits, complaining of American control

What about the other secret U.S. prisons?

Sharon to Amend Gaza Plan After Party Rebuff

May 2, 2004

Former general of elite guard is ruled out as the Iraqi commander

Iraqi general refuses to give up Falluja fighters

Foreigners' role in Iraq insurgency small

Iraq Costs Surge, May Force Bush to Shuffle Funds, Seek More

Exit Polls Indicate Likud Rejection of Sharon Disengagement Plan

Defeat for Sharon

U.S. Supports Gaza Withdrawal After Likud Rejects Sharon's Plan

Germany Says Protection of U.S. Bases to End

Britain stockpiles anti-radiation pills

May 1, 2004    May Day

Torture at Abu Ghraib

Shame of Abuse by Brit Troops
"Rogue British troops batter Iraqis in mockery of bid to win over people"

Five Westerners Die in Saudi Oil Port Attack

Iraqis Hail Falluja 'Victory' as U.S. Changes Tack

Death to those who dare to speak out
"Over the past year, Baghdad's intelligentsia has seen a wave of killings: scientists, professors, and academics, executed in carefully planned assassinations."

Indonesian Police Clash with Bashir's Supporters

Milestone in U.S. secret terror surveillance

Lawyers say post-9/11 U.S. is like police state

California Bans E-Voting in Four Counties, Calls for Criminal Investigation into Company

Vanishing Votes by Gregory Palast

300 Local Governments Slam PATRIOT Act

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Souter Attacked During Jog




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