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June 15-30, 2004

June 30, 2004

Four Iraqis killed, 10 wounded in US attack on Fallujah as reward on al Zarqawi raised to $25 million

Reward for Terrorist Zarqawi Raised to $25 Million

Billions Swiped from Iraq
"Occupation Authorities Stash Oil Funds as Iraqi Health Care Dies"

Iraq is worse off than before the war began, GAO reports

Israel Will Create Security Zone in Northern Gaza, AP Reports

Israeli Forces Raid West Bank Town of Jericho

Foreign Office asks judges not to rule on Iraq war legality
"A high court judge, Mr Justice Grigson, ruled in May that foreign policy, including the waging of war, was an exercise of crown prerogative which could not be examined in the courts."

U.S. Troops in S.Korea to Get Anthrax, Smallpox Shots

Republican senator rips Bush on Iraq strategy
"Hagel says war hurt U.S. in terror battle"

White House Dismisses Polls on Iraq Terror Fears
"The White House on Wednesday dismissed opinion polls showing that many Americans feel the war in Iraq has increased the danger of terrorism instead of reducing it."

The secret history of Anonymous
"The author of Imperial Hubris is unmasked and says he fears for his job at the CIA, not for his life at the hands of Al Qaeda"

An Interview with Sibel Edmonds
FBI Whistleblower Talks to

Justice: Sharing Data Would Crash System
"The Bush administration is offering a novel reason for denying a request seeking the Justice Department's database on foreign lobbyists: Copying the information would bring down the computer system."

Artist indicted in obtaining organisms
"An artist who became the target of a federal terrorism investigation was indicted Tuesday on charges he illegally obtained potentially harmful biological materials."

IBM Opens Test Center for Supercharged Barcodes
"Fifty percent of all items will be tagged by 2005, IBM estimates, which is when billions of products will be smart enough to know what they are and when they were manufactured."

June 29, 2004

Military Stands Its Ground
"For all the political significance of the moment, the role of the U.S. military here will change very little immediately."

Prisoner 27075 learns limits of sovereignty
"Iraqis who have been detained as a security threat can still be detained until firstly the coalition leaves or secondly they are considered to be no longer a threat," said Michael Frank, deputy special prosecutor for Multinational Force-Iraq"

Reality Intrudes on Promises in Rebuilding of Iraq
"We mostly did what we know how to do, instead of what needed to be done," said James Dobbins, a retired diplomat who led American recovery efforts in Afghanistan, Kosovo, Bosnia and elsewhere and said it was a mistake to put the Pentagon in charge of Iraq's economy. "That's what the Army Corps of Engineers does: it hires multinational corporations to build infrastructure."

U.S. Seen Failing to Meet Iraq's Electricity Needs
"The General Accounting Office, the investigative arm of the U.S. Congress, also concluded in a new report that Washington had spent more of Iraq's money than its own -- $13 billion versus $8 billion -- to rebuild the country in the first year of reconstruction after the ouster of leader Saddam Hussein."

Bush Urges Middle East to Fight Terror with Reform
"President Bush tried to persuade Middle Eastern states Tuesday that political reform was vital to combat extremism but said Washington would not impose democracy on the region."

The Bush Dialogues- The president in Ireland

Pampered Bush meets a real reporter

Attack Iran, US chief ordered British
"The incident began last July when Revolutionary Guards pushed about a kilometre into Iraq to the north and east of Basra in an apparent attempt to reoccupy territory which they claimed belonged to Iran. Lt Gen Ricardo Sanchez then ordered the British to prepare to send in several thousand troops to attack the Revolutionary Guard positions."

Palestinian rockets land close to Sharon

Gaza wipe-out threat from Israeli official

NATO summit ends with French-US spat

US, Britain and Australia to build global intelligence operation to counter al-Qaeda
"Counter-terrorism chiefs in the US, Britain and Australia are aiming to build a global intelligence-sharing structure that will allow security services to assess threats and issue warnings continuously across all time zones."

English Grandmother Wages War Against U.S. Military
"Helen John, 66, who set up camp beside a road near a huge U.S.-run listening post at the end of May, admits she plans to cause damage and says she won't be deterred."

Father of Executed American Blasts Bush, Media
"This is not a game that people in Washington get to play," Michael Berg said. "It affects people the way it's affected me and my family and the families of Paul Johnson, Kim Sun-il and the thousands of Iraqis."

Lawsuits challenge Justice effort to classify previously public information
"the case revolves around allegations made by Sibel Edmonds, a former FBI contract linguist, who says the agency mishandled information that might have tipped the government to the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks before they occurred."

San Francisco rolls out the red carpet for the Clintons
"Many of you are well enough off that ... the tax cuts may have helped you," Sen. Clinton said. "We're saying that for America to get back on track, we're probably going to cut that short and not give it to you. We're going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good."

Army Defends Plan for Involuntary Troop Call-Up

Utah Artist Hails Court Win Over Barbie Parody

June 28, 2004

Explosions rock post-handover Baghdad

Iraq violence continues as coalition restores sovereignty

Bremer Flees Iraq Two Days Early

Foreign forces, contractors given immunity in Iraq
"The U.S. administrator in Iraq extended immunity from prosecution to foreign troops and contractors there just hours before handing over to the interim Iraqi government on Monday."

A new flag, an old story
"As the U.S. prepares to hand over power, the situation resembles the one in African colonies after World War II"

Spain rules out participation in NATO role in Iraq

Chirac argues against Nato post-handover role

Israel launches more missile raids on Gaza

IDF raids Gaza as Qassams again strike Sderot

Army Plans Involuntary Call-Up of Thousands

A mixed verdict on Bush's detention policies
"The Supreme Court delivered a mixed verdict Monday on the Bush administration’s anti-terrorism policies, ruling that the U.S. government has the power to hold American citizens and foreign nationals without charges or trial, but that detainees can challenge their treatment in U.S. courts."

June 27, 2004

Iraq Handover Brought Forward to Monday

Another bloody day as US prepares to transfer power

Bremer begins his farewells at mass grave site
"Paul Bremer, America's pro-consul in Iraq, began his goodbye to the country yesterday with a symbolic visit to a mass grave memorial, highlighting the message that last year's war was justified on humanitarian grounds."
He's a tough act to follow, Gomez!

'Failure to account' for Iraq cash
"Iraqi money cannot be accounted for by occupying forces responsible for the funds, according to two new reports."

Rumsfeld: More U.S. Troops for Iraq Not Essential
Rumsfeld told reporters. "But I think, overwhelmingly, people understand that it is not wise to allow yourself to be terrorized ... Once you start down that road, it's a dead end."

Bush tours through the deserted streets of Europe
"The only difference was the colour of the armoured cars: in Ireland they were khaki; in Ankara and Istanbul they were black."

U.S. Raises Temperature in Nuke Dispute with Iran
"Iran insists its ambitions are entirely peaceful and has said it has no immediate plans to pump uranium hexafluoride gas into spinning centrifuges to start the enrichment process."

Israeli Strikes in Gaza After Attack on Army Post

Taliban Kill 16 Afghans Carrying Voter Cards

Despite an Act of Leniency, China Has Its Eye on the Web

Gypsies Scour Belgrade's Streets in 'Mad Max' Mobiles
"By tearing off the body and leaving little but the engine and wheels on decades-old Citroen Dyane cars bought cheaply, they hope to avoid license plate or registration paper checks while working more quickly and easily."

Arizona Dealer to Sell Cheap Chinese Cars in U.S.
"An Arizona car dealer is gearing up to become the first to sell a full line of Chinese-made vehicles in the United States at Wal-Mart-style prices"

'Fahrenheit 9/11' a No. 1 Hit Across America
"According to exit surveys in about 15 cities, 91 percent of respondents gave the film an 'excellent' rating, while 93 percent said they would 'definitely recommend' the film"

Iranian woman 'gives birth to frog'
not a tadpole... mind you.

June 26, 2004

Toll rises in Iraq blast

Iraqi PM's party office blown up, rebels storm second Shiite party base

New Iraqi police fight US troops who trained them

U.S. Edicts Curb Power Of Iraq's Leadership

The Robbery of Reconstruction

Wheels of justice turn tentatively in Baghdad
"This court is the only way we can actually prosecute the people who attack us, and for a wounded soldier, it's the only way he can get justice."

Palestinian resistance leaders killed
"Seven Palestinian resistance fighters, among them three senior leaders, have been killed in the West Bank city of Nablus"

June 25, 2004

US lashes out in Fallujah as new leader Allawi defies insurgents

U.S. Planes Bomb Suspected Militants in Zarqawi Hunt
Took out another house in Fallujah

Where Children Laugh at Bombs

Iraq violence takes toll on civilians

US restricts new Iraqi Army's capabilities
"Until our forces are fully capable, we will continue to need support from our friends," Allawi said last Sunday.
1st. rule of 'statescraft'- monopoly of force

U.S., N.Korea Emerge from Talks Poles Apart

In Your Ear, Bolton

Three Afghan Poll Workers Killed, 17 Hurt in Blast
"Three women working to register voters for Afghan elections were killed and 17 female election workers were wounded when a blast destroyed their bus in the eastern city of Jalalabad Saturday"

Bush Seeks to Heal Iraq Rift at EU-U.S. Summit
"People don't like war. But what they should be angry about is the fact that there was a brutal dictator there that had destroyed lives and put them in mass graves and had torture rooms," Bush said.
...both hands and a flashlight...

Bush Pledges to Pursue Turkish Kurd Rebels in Iraq
"We will work together to deal with the PKK. We are after terrorists. Once we declare a group a terrorist group we mean it," Bush said. "We will work with the governments. Both governments by the way, the Turkish government and the new Iraqi government..."

Stepping out to a cold Irish welcome
"Smiling and waving, George Bush glided down the steps of Air Force One at Shannon airport last night, seemingly unfazed by his tag as the most unwelcome American ever to set foot on Irish soil."

Irish create a 'ring of steel' for Bush visit
"Mr Bush was due to remain in the Republic for just 18 hours, nevertheless his visit will cost the Irish government 3 million (£2.1 million)."

Brazil Takes Over Haiti UN Force, and a Tough Task
"Haiti is ultimately a responsibility that no one wants to take on -- not the U.S., not the U.N., not really Latin America, not France, not Canada."

Since 9/11, Federal Spending Under Bush Increases at Fastest Rate in 30 Years
President George W. Bush is now on his way to becoming the first full-term president since John Quincy Adams (1825-1829) to not veto a single bill. The result is a congress that has been completely unconstrained in satiating its appetite for pork and corporate welfare."

Testimony Ties Key Officer to Cover-Up of Iraqi Death

9/11 Commission Misses FBI's Embarrassing Al Qaeda Dealings
"It's possible that the FBI thought they had control of him and were trying to use him, but what's clear is that they did not have control."

Vanderbilt Engineering To Lead New Defense Nanotechnology Program
"Using carbon as a building block in this promising new area of science is a potentially boundless resource not sufficiently explored in today's research endeavors,"

Aerial Drones Assigned to Arizona Border Patrol
"The two unmanned and unarmed aerial vehicles, piloted remotely, can fly up to 90 mph, detect movement 15 miles away and can transmit live pictures day and night of vast stretches of desert and grasslands traversed by more than 1,000 undocumented immigrants a day."

Infinity Says It Will Back Howard Stern on Indecency

June 24, 2004

Baquba Sealed off as US Loses Control

100 Iraqis Killed in Wave of Attacks

Iraq's air and sea ports to stay under foreign control

Iran tells Europeans it will resume centrifuge production: senior US official

Israel hails House vote on Bush Mideast stance

Wolfowitz Apologizes to Iraq War Correspondents
"Wolfowitz noted that 34 journalists have died covering the war in Iraq"

On Second Thought...
"Justice Department Revises Rules on Prisoner Treatment"

Court Won't Make Cheney Energy Papers Public
"The 7-2 ruling sent the case back to a U.S. appeals court for more hearings on the government's arguments. That means the case will remain active in the months leading up to the November elections."

Ashcroft sued over sealing of FBI records
"Citing national security, Ashcroft recently classified documents related to the case of Sibel Edmonds, a former linguist at the FBI. The lawsuit charged that reclassifying materials that had previously been in the public domain is illegal and unconstitutional."

Sibel Edmonds sues Ashcroft again for actions tied to 9-11 evidence

Ads for Moore's movie could be stopped on July 30
"In a draft advisory opinion placed on the FEC's agenda for today's meeting, the agency's general counsel states that political documentary filmmakers may not air television or radio ads referring to federal candidates within 30 days of a primary election or 60 days of a general election."

Waxman: U.S. Imposes New Limits on Scientists
"Under the new policy, WHO must ask HHS for permission to speak to scientists and must allow HHS to choose who will respond."

June 23, 2004

At Least 14 Killed in Coordinated Iraq Attacks

U.S. Abandons U.N. Resolution on Criminal Court
"The United States withdrew on Wednesday its U.N. resolution to shield American soldiers from prosecution abroad because of strong opposition fueled by the Iraqi prisoners abuse scandal."

U.S. Immunity in Iraq to Extend Past Handover
Not via the UN Security Council- instead it will simply be proclaimed...

Will Iraq's mercenaries be brought to book?
"Unaccountable and unregulated, the thousands of mercenaries currently operating in Iraq may not remain untouchable for much longer."

The Road to Abu Ghraib
A report by Human Rights Watch

Iraq Deal on Airline Is Probed

Senate Blocks Bid to Demand Abuse Memos

Senate Passes $447 Billion Defense Bill

House approves Iraq war funding

Rancorous House Votes Record Intelligence Money

9/11 Panel Becomes Cheney’s Nightmare

Swiss court says Gypsies can sue IBM
"'IBM's complicity through material or intellectual assistance to the criminal acts of the Nazis during World War II via its Geneva office cannot be ruled out,' said the appeals court ruling."
Just some 'food for thought' for Choicepoint and like-minded HS carpetbaggers...

More False Information From TSA
"A top homeland security official told Congress that five major domestic airlines turned over sensitive passenger data to the agency or its contractors in 2002 and 2003, contradicting numerous statements by airline and government officials and confirming some of the worst fears of privacy advocates."

More airlines, including AmWest, gave passenger data to U.S.
"There was a massive amount of passenger data secretly provided to the government, and in many cases, the disclosures also violated privacy assurances the airlines had given to their passengers," said David Sobel, general counsel for the Electronic Privacy Information Center, a privacy group.

Store that sold gun agrees to pay $1 million to officers who were shot
"if a company like Will Jewelry complies with the ATF laws it appeared that company can be sued and have to pay damages."

New mosquito disease deadlier than West Nile
"This is not a disease that occurs here now, but we want to make sure people are aware of the signs and symptoms," said Dr. Thomas Ksiazek, chief of the special pathogens branch of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. "The medical and public health community need to be mindful of it."
FEAR= False Events Appearing Real

Phoenix a front in latest drug war
"Drug testing in schools provides truth," said Walters, director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy. "It allows you to see drug abuse early, when you can treat it, before it becomes an addiction, before it leads to other criminal behaviors."
but school administrators can insist your kids be 'jacked-up' on Ritalin and other products marketed by sanctioned drug dealers...

'Tractor Man' Gets Six Years in Prison

Woman living in lawn chair accepts help
"For the better part of a week, Fannie Claussen, 86, has been living in a lawn chair in front of her home in one of Tucson's roughest neighborhoods, through 100-degree days and the dark of night, after the city condemned her trailer as unsafe."

Shopping center more important than landowners
"The Tempe City Council meets tonight to rezone Henry Kelly's land. Never mind that the 70-year-old artist didn't ask for his land to be rezoned. Never mind that he doesn't want his land rezoned. Never mind that nearly 30 of his neighbors don't want their land rezoned either."

Gorilla Runs Amok in Zoo
"Suddenly hysterical children and grown-ups came running toward us. They were all running toward the exit. Behind them we saw the huge ape leaping toward us on all fours"
Apeman- or just a 'canary in a coalmine'?

June 22, 2004

U.S. Air Strike Kills Four in Iraqi Town of Falluja

Saboteurs blast oil pipeline in northern Iraq

Lecturer and spouse killed in Mosul

Iraq ministers told only US can impose martial law
"Senior American officials say Iraq's authorities are bound by human rights clauses in the interim constitution... but they say the recent United Nations Security Council resolution 1546 sanctions the use by foreign forces in Iraq of "all necessary measures" to provide security."

U.S. Offers UN Compromise on Immunity for Its Troops

U.S. official talks of years in Iraq
"Wolfowitz's prediction, coupled with a high-ranking general's warning that 'we should expect more violence, not less,' in the near future, highlighted a sometimes contentious hearing of the House Armed Services Committee."

Pentagon's Wolfowitz Says Iraq Is No U.S. Quagmire
"While he said he was confident that enough Iraqis would join the country's defense forces, Wolfowitz said there was insufficient money to train and equip them. He said the Pentagon was seeking the authority to tap $500 million in Defense Department funds for this purpose."

Wolfowitz Says Iraq Stay Could Last Years
"Wolfowitz also said the media are part of the problem in Iraq. 'Frankly, part of our problem is a lot of the press are afraid to travel very much, so they sit in Baghdad and they publish rumors'"

Wolfowitz Testifies Pentagon Misjudged the Strength of Iraqi Insurgency
"I would hope five years from now we see an Iraq that has more or less effectively defeated this enemy," Mr. Wolfowitz said. "It doesn't mean that terrorism will be gone."

Wolfowitz: Chalabi Behavior 'Puzzling'
"I don't need proof of involvement in September 11th to be concerned that Saddam Hussein is providing mutual support to Al Qaida," he said. "It seems to me it's like saying if someone breeds Rottweilers and leaves the gate open but doesn't tell the dog who to attack that he's not operationally involved in the thing."

Afghans behead Taliban in revenge for beheadings

U.S. Doubles Its Count of 2003 Terrorism Casualties
"The Bush administration on Tuesday more than doubled its count of people killed and injured by international terrorism in 2003 as it revised a faulty report used to argue it was winning the war on terror."

Bush Continues the 'Big Lie' in the Face of Mountains of Contrary Evidence
"If mere meetings between functionaries are sinister, then U.S. envoy Donald Rumsfeld’s friendly meeting in the early 1980s with Saddam Hussein, just after Saddam had used poison gas against the Iranians, may take the prize."

Inside the Federal Government's 'Star Chamber'
"Each and every weekday, 11 federal judges meet in secret in Washington and review FBI and Department of Homeland Security requests for warrants to spy on Americans."

Random vehicle ferry searches to resume
"Random searches of vehicles boarding Washington state ferries will resume next month as part of a new plan for increased security under orders from the U.S. Coast Guard."

June 21, 2004

(Un)Covering Torture

Shooting death angers Iraqi family

Afghanistan to send troops to troubled province
"The Afghan government will send hundreds of troops to reassert central authority and disarm rebel militia in the capital of a central province overrun last week by forces of a renegade commander."

Spy Chief: CIA Had Few Iraqi Sources Before War
"We've got to realize that the war we are in is one which in my mind has no end in sight."
James Pavitt, CIA deputy director for operations (who has announced plans to retire in August)

Syrian jailed for internet usage
"Abdel Rahman al-Shaghouri, 32, received a two-and-a-half year sentence for 'publishing false news that saps the morale of the nation'."

Court: No Right to Keep Name From Police
"A sharply divided Supreme Court ruled Monday that people who refuse to give their names to police can be arrested, even if they've done nothing wrong."

HMOs Win Supreme Court Malpractice Case
"The court said HMOs are shielded from lawsuits in state courts, where juries are more apt to side with victims and order up multimillion-dollar judgments from insurance companies."

Nobel Winners Back Kerry, Say Bush Ignores Science
"John Kerry will change all this," they said. "John Kerry will restore science to its appropriate place in government."
What... eugenics?

Series of incidents lands entire family in jail

Officers Placed On Admin. Duty After Taser Gun Incident
"A police officer used his Taser gun on a 68-year-old grandmother in her home Tuesday night"

June 20, 2004     Who's Your Daddy!!

US Marine Killed; 23 Iraqis Killed in Separate Attacks;
US Helicopters mistakenly Kill 5 Policemen at Samarra'

Fallujah strike under scrutiny
"I think there is a disconnect here between the American view of this as almost a kind of law-enforcement exercise, that these are bad people ... and they should be arrested and brought to justice,'' says Colonel Lang. "On the other hand the Iraqis see this as a political situation and that accommodations have to be made."
in a nutshell...

Kurds Advancing to Reclaim Land in Northern Iraq

Iraq Restructures Forces to Fight Insurgents
"Iraq said on Sunday it plans to restructure its security forces to battle insurgents sowing havoc across the country and could impose emergency law once the U.S.-led occupation formally ends in 10 days."

U.S. authorities quietly spend Iraqi oil revenue to rebuild country
"But this spring, Bush administration officials said, it became clear that rising global oil prices were presenting Iraq with a windfall of oil revenues, and a decision had to be made whether to save them or disburse them in a one-time-only expenditure that might not be available in the 2005 budget."

Afghans Say Will Not Send Troops to Retake Town
"The Afghan government does not plan to send troops to retake control of a provincial capital overrun last week by a renegade commander, as the situation there is now calm"

S.Korea Party Asks U.S. to Avoid Intelligence Errors
"South Korea's ruling party urged President Bush's administration on Monday to share more intelligence on North Korea to ensure there is no repeat of what it said was the flawed information that led to war in Iraq."

Northwest jet lands at air base, passengers told not to look out
( ... as the soylent was taken from the cargo hold... )

June 19, 2004

Bomb explodes outside Iraq central bank

US troops, militia clash in Sadr City

U.S. Air Strike Kills 22 in Iraq - Witnesses

Iraqis Deny Zarqawi Men Used House Hit in U.S. Raid

Controversial ex-British army officer given key Iraq role
"Mr Spicer's company, Aegis Defence Services, will channel intelligence, some of it emanating from the US military, to the security companies"

U.S. Choppers Drive Taliban Out of Afghan District

Israel launches new air strike on Gaza

Israeli Troops Shot at Convoy in Gaza - UK Lawmaker
"Three British parliamentarians came under gunfire from the Israeli army during a U.N.-coordinated visit to a battered refugee camp in southern Gaza"

Georgia Seeks More Control as Ex-Rebel Region Votes
"The 36-year-old U.S.-trained lawyer is backed by Western countries keen to see stability in a country which is becoming a major oil transit route but is notorious for upheaval."

Proposed Homeland Spying by Defense Dept
"The Congressional Quarterly, Christian Science Monitor, Wired and others have reported on a provision of Senate bill S. 2386, Intelligence Authorization for 2005, to allow domestic spying by the Department of Defense."

Pentagon Seeks U.S. Spy Powers
"The bill would allow Pentagon intelligence agents to work undercover and question American citizens and legal residents without having to reveal that they are government agents."

White House Counsel Testifies in CIA Leak Probe

Bush Spars with Democrats Over Jobs
"he sparred with Democrats over whether life was getting better for ordinary Americans."
Sound Familiar...?

Cheap EU Alcohol Gives Scandinavians Headaches
"Some Finnish politicians argue that taxes should be raised again to redress rising alcohol consumption."

Recount shows massive error in Jasper voting
"Election officials now say that 1,500 votes certified June 10 were phantoms, ballots never cast by Jasper County voters."

June 18, 2004

Troops Wounded in Clash Near Baghdad

Fresh skirmishes near Baquba

In sewers of Baghdad, a surprising secret flows
"Of course, sewage plants are hard to hide, a fact that complicates the effort to keep them secret from those who would like to destroy them."

'Control Room': In Iraq, a War Of Perceptions
"in interviewing Arab and American journalists and their military handlers, Noujaim -- an American of Egyptian descent -- creates a nuanced meditation on how both Arab and American media outlets pander to the nationalism of their respective audiences and how crucial managing those biases has become to the post-Vietnam military."

Russia Says It Warned U.S. Saddam Planned to Attack
"State Department spokesman Adam Ereli told reporters he did not know anything about the information that Putin said Russia passed on. No such information was communicated from Russia through the State Department, he said."

Leaders of 9/11 Panel Ask Cheney for Reports
"The leaders of the Sept. 11 commission called on Vice President Dick Cheney on Friday to turn over any intelligence reports that would support the White House's insistence that there was a close relationship between Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda."

Brazening It Out
"At this point, the White House position is just frankly bizarre," Daniel Benjamin, a senior counter-terrorism official in the Clinton White House, told the Los Angeles Times in response to Bush's declaration about Al Qaeda and Hussein. "They're just repeating themselves, rather than admit they were wrong."

Censored by the CIA
"If only the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency had been half as vigilant on the road to the Iraq war as it has been in redacting the U.S. Senate's critique of its failures."

White House Accused of Intimidating Media, Lawyers

Long live the King
"On last week's test case of the PATRIOT Act -- in which a jury resoundingly vindicated a University of Idaho student, but only after our government destroyed his life"

Imelda Says Film Makes Joke of Her Life
"Marcos, famous for her huge shoe collection, can only leave the country with special permission because she faces dozens of criminal charges and civil lawsuits over reports that the first couple stole more than $5 billion but has never been convicted."

June 17, 2004

Martial law threatened for Iraq

42 Killed, 138 Wounded in 3 Thursday Bombings- Coalition Soldier Among Dead

Army soldier arrests an Iraqi man who was yelling abuse at troops

Ukraine will supply most of Iraqi army
"Anham Joint Venture, a US company formed by A. Huda Farouki, an Iraqi expatriate businessman, with Saudi and Jordanian partners, said it would make its first deliveries by July 15"

Renegade Afghan Overruns Provincial Capital

Iran Fails to Stop Harsh Nuclear Resolution

Israel opens bids for Gaza moat
"Israel's defence ministry has put in motion a plan to build a moat on Gaza's border with Egypt."

Report Says U.S. Has 'Secret' Detention Centers

Contractor indicted over Afghan detainee death

Isn’t it time British papers apologised for being wrong about WMD?
"But if a newspaper gives the impression that weapons of mass destruction existed in profusion, and posed a deadly threat to the West, should it not apologise when it becomes clear that they did not?"

U.S. Plans Lawsuit Shield for Lockheed, Others
"The move by the Department of Homeland Security is designed to encourage technology companies to come up with innovative security products without worrying that they could be sued in the wake of a catastrophic attack"

Biometrics - great hope for world security or triumph for Big Brother?
"British police will almost certainly be given access in the near future to US intelligence databases containing DNA samples, fingerprints and digital images of thousands of foreign nationals seized around the world by the US as terror suspects."

Mission creep?
"A new bill could expand the Pentagon's ability to gather intelligence inside the United States"

Pentagon seeks OK to spy on Americans

FBI invoked controversial search power
"The American Civil Liberties Union said documents uncovered during court challenges to the Patriot Act reveal for the first time that the FBI sought permission last year to conduct secret searches under what is known as Section 215 of the law."

Using RFID to Manage Evacuations

Republicans defeat effort to subpoena Justice documents on torture

Senate Backs Bush on Missile Defense
"The U.S. Senate on Thursday backed the Bush administration's plans for a ballistic missile shield"

Presidential Debates Likely to Exclude Nader

June 16, 2004     Bloomsday

Iraq Rebels Stage More Attacks, Oil Exports Choked

Iraqi Cleric Signals End to Shi'ite Revolt

Chain of command: can torture in Iraq be linked to the White House?

Rumsfeld Issued an Order to Hide Detainee in Iraq

U.S. man gets life term for bid to join Taliban

US contractor defers billings in Abu Ghraib fallout

Pentagon Waste in Iraq May Total Billions, Investigators Say

Justify secrecy of 'no-fly' lists, judge tells feds

Sweeping stun guns to target crowds

US judge puts Jewish leader on trial
"US judge has ruled that a leader of an armed Jewish group must stand trial for allegedly plotting to bomb a Los Angeles mosque."

School district funds allegedly used for luxury homes, cars, fancy food
"One report said $33,141 was paid to a dry cleaner used by Tassone; $30,605 went to a gourmet food market near where Gluckin once lived; $187,377 went to car dealerships and financing companies; and $551,569 went to four companies owned by Gluckin or her husband."

L.A. activists tailed, arrested on way to Liberation Weekend conference

No prosecution of 60 in prostitution sting
"County prosecutors believe the two-month sting, which targeted prostitution suspects and men accused of soliciting sex for money, was botched by sheriff's officials who allowed undercover deputies and Sheriff's Posse members to remove their clothing and engage in sex acts on videotape."

Joyce's Dublin Stages 100th 'Bloomsday' Shindig

Scientists teleport atoms for first time

June 15, 2004

Gunmen Kill Senior Iraqi North Oil Official

Saboteurs cut Iraq oil exports by two-thirds

Fuel tanks stranded at Saudi-Iraq border
"The Saudi oil ministry had signed an agreement with the Iraqi authorities for supplying Iraq with large quantities of processed oil and 100 tank trucks are expected to cross through Arar daily"

Bush Plans to Transfer Hussein to Iraqis, but No Timetable Yet

US Army chief: Iraq "cannot be won militarily"
"And this notion of how people are informed, what they think, and how it's described is a very powerful piece of this deal"

Israeli troops seal off Gaza

Prison Tactics Long a Dilemma for Israel

U.S. Trucks Carrying Radioactive Materials Intercepted In Iraq-Kuwait Border

Kuwait sends back truck carrying radioactive material

Bush Touts Afghanistan as Model for Iraq

Abu Ghraib general says she is being made a scapegoat

Senate Backs Bush on New Nuclear Weapons

CIA Restricts One-Third of U.S. Senate WMD Report

US asks Germany to keep guarding bases until next year

Critics take aim at secret court




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