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October 1-15, 2005

October 12, 2005

'War on Terror' Revisited: The conquest of Southwest Asia by Pepe Escobar
"It was not supposed to be this way. But even before Katrina bared it all, there was an uneasy feeling - not only in the Middle East - that the Bush administration was in fact subsidizing Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri to the tune of $300 billion, and counting, in American taxpayers' money, by transforming Iraq into a preferred training ground for al-Qaeda. So what's with this 'war on terror?'

During the first part of 2005, the first Bush administration's 'war on terror' had been softly mutating into what it was supposed to mean in the first place: the conquest of Eurasia, and in the near term, Southwest Asia. The contours of the new religion were carefully spun by Washington.
The ultimate aim of 'franchised revolutions' and 'democracy promotion' is to replace the traditional elites in old American or Russian satrapies, as well as former hostile regimes, with a new breed of genetically-programmed neo-liberal politicians trained and educated in the US. But this may be just a facade. The real important matters converge on running the American military bases that are now planted in 138 countries all over the globe."

Bush's Satanic Verses: He hears God - or does he? by Justin Raimondo
"The president declares that our enemies are intent on building a global Islamic 'empire,' yet it is American armies that are now rolling through the heart of the Middle East, planting the flag of our 'democratic' empire - our oxymoronic 'empire of liberty,' as some of the more unhinged neocons call it - in Iraq's bloodstained soil. Not only that, but Bush is constantly threatening - as in this speech - to move on to Syria and Iran."

The Collectivist's Culturally Correct Curriculum by Garry Reed
"As a public service for parents still waffling on whether to wrest their kiddies from the clutches of public schools in favor of private or homegrown instruction, here are samplings from The Collectivist's Culturally Correct Curriculum."

Terrorist Pamphlet from Lew Rockwell

October 1, 2005

Securitizing the Global Norm of Identity: Biometric Technologies in Domestic and Foreign Policy by John Measor and Benjamin J. Muller
"In this specific case, in much the same way that modern technology has rendered conventional articulations of space and time obsolete, the simultaneous use of biometric technologies as a part of both domestic homeland security strategies and foreign policy objectives, biometrics begin to challenge articulated limits of identity and place. We then examine the case of Fallujah, which is arguably an exemplar in the wider case of Iraq, wherein the struggle to gain the biopolitical ascendancy of sovereign power is asserted by occupation forces in an effort to take control of biopolitics - the management of life."

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