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November 1-15, 2005

November 10, 2005

The 'War on Terror' Scam by David MacGregor
"The greatest threat to our freedom today is not terrorism, but what governments are doing to counter this perceived terrorist threat.

Let me say that again. Terrorism is not the real danger we face, it's what governments around the world are doing to make us 'safe.'"

So Iraq Was About the Oil by Robert Parry
"When Colin Powellís former chief of staff Lawrence Wilkerson publicly decried the Bush administrationís bungling of U.S. foreign policy, the focus of the press coverage was on Wilkersonís depiction of a 'cabal' headed by Vice President Dick Cheney that had hijacked the decision-making process. Largely overlooked were Wilkersonís frank admissions about the importance of oil in justifying a long-term U.S. military intervention in Iraq."

Party For Sale by Paul Waldman
"Whenever a newspaper or magazine has attempted to unpack the scandal, they have found it necessary to print dense flow charts marking the intricate connections and the flow of money and influence between all the players--Abramoff, Republican uber-activist Grover Norquist, political consultant and former Christian Coalition head Ralph Reed (currently running for lieutenant governor in Georgia), Karl Rove, Tom DeLay and many others. The tentacles of the scandal reach through the Republican lobbying establishment, Congress and even the White House (former White House procurement chief David Safavian was recently arrested for lying to investigators about his contacts with Abramoff)."

Top ten things you never knew about Jack Abramoff by Daniel Hopsicker

The secret world of Jack Abramoff by Daniel Hopsicker

Meet the New Interrogators: Lockheed Martin by Pratap Chatterjee

Am I My Brothel's Keeper?
Author and former sex worker Tracy Quan talks about human trafficking, legalizing prostitution, and 15 years in The Life (an interview with Kerry Howley).

Drawing a Hardline in the Sand by Garry Reed
"The Minutemen, as most know, is a patriotic group of hall monitors who want to keep Mexicans on their own side of the line drawn in the sand. But now a small liberal spin-off group of the Minutemen has taken up arms. Not weapons, just arms. They are the Equal Opportunity Affirmative Action Nonsexist Cooperative of Minutepersons."

A State in the Making by Butler Shaffer

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